2016 Application and Rules

Applications for the 2016 season are posted under the About the Market menu. The deadline for submitting applications for the 2016 season is February 12. Any application received after that date will only be considered for an alternate position if a space is available.

The 2016 market rules may also be accessed from the About the Market menu.

‘CPAs’ Make Parking a Breeze at the Market


Sometimes they have on neon vests so they can be easily seen.  Most times they are carrying walkie-talkies (or even standing on a box) so they can stay aware of how many spaces are available. About 20 volunteers rotate throughout the market season to greet the market patrons and help them find the ‘perfect’ parking spot each week.  This dedicated, friendly group of people are affectionately referred to as CPAs – Certified Parking Attendants.  Next time you see them, flash a smile or give an appreciative wave.

Chad - CPA

The Voice-Tribune visits the Market!

Check out the The Voice-Tribune article by Bennett Duckworth about the “the freshest source of delectable eats” at St. Matthews Farmers Market. Besides quoting Penny Peavler, member of the Market Committee and editor of the Market Newsletter, the article spotlights several of the market’s vendors.