Garey Farms Featured in Lexington Herald-Leader

Carla Garey gathered eggs produced by her Red Star hens at Garey Farms in Paris. Garey said the labor-intensive work of farming makes it hard for her to find people willing to do it.  MATT GOINS — Herald-Leader

Carla Garey visited with Flopsy, left, and Georgetta, a heritage breed of hogs called Tamworth, at Garey Farms, which she works with her husband, David. Carla Garey quit her banking career to take up farming full-time.  MATT GOINS — Herald-Leader

Garey Farms sells its eggs, sustainably grown vegetables, fruit, meat birds and pork to restaurants and in Louisville markets.  MATT GOINS — Herald-Leader

For the full text of the 10-22-12 article by Janet Patton, please click here.