Sixth Annual Heirloom Tomato Tasting

On Saturday, August 10, you’ll have a chance to savor the flavor of a variety of heirloom tomatoes from 10:00 am until the tomatoes are gone.


Be sure to stop and taste the different varieties, then vote for your favorite. There is no charge. All of the heirlooms are donated by the farmers and vendors at the market.

Reprinted from the August 10, 2013 issue of News from the St. Matthews Farmers’ Market

Saluting Our Founding Vendors

In an era when trust, goodwill, and a cooperative spirit are not always part of a business model, the St. Matthews Farmers Market wants to recognize those founding farmers and vendors who put their faith in its existence and continue to demonstrate those qualities.

When the idea of the market was planted 7 years ago, it was clear that having good vendors would be crucial to its success. Since the market was untested, vendors were taking a chance by signing up to participate. Fortunately, this group did and they are still part of the market. Without them, and the others who have joined since then, Saturday mornings in St. Matthews would be a bit duller!

Hats off to:

Black Cat Pottery - Louisville

Ear’s What’s Poppin’ - Louisville

Full Heart Farm - Prospect

Gallrein Farms - Shelbyville

Garey Farms - Paris

Graf’s Produce and Plants - Memphis, IN

Gypsy Ridge Farm - Campbellsburg, IN

Harmony Fields Farm - Shelbyville

Highland Moor Nursery - Midway

Holy Branch Gourds - Bethlehem

Innisfail Farm - Louisville

Jackson Produce - Borden, IN

Organic Acres - Odon, IN

Rattlesnake Hill Farm - Bloomfield

Sunergos Coffee - Louisville

Sunshine Farms - LaGrange

Triple J Farm - Georgetown

Wildflour Bakehouse - Louisville

Reprinted from the June 29, 2013 issue of News from the St. Matthews Farmers’ Market

Gleaning at the Market

In addition to bringing you a wide array of locally grown and produced food and goods, a mission of the market is to support the community. One of the ways that happens is through the Gleaning at the Market program. The traditional meaning of “gleaning” is to gather grain or other produce left over by reapers. The Gleaning at the Market program involves the gathering of food at the end of the market day from farmers and vendors who are able and willing to donate food that has not been sold that day. In turn, local organizations distribute it to those in need.

We are excited about this year’s gleaning program for the Beargrass Farmers’ Market.  Four organizations will rotate each week in their gleaning.  Each serve a population of need and the farmers who contribute are making a difference for many.

Stone Soup Ministry is a partner with the Community Farm Alliance.  They take the food directly to different low income areas and prepare a meal together with the community that will be consuming it.

LAMP (Life Centered Ministries) which is located at 26th and Jefferson takes the food to the Blanton House at 8th and Mohammed Ali, to Liberty Temple, and to the Newburg Apostolic Church to share with low income people in that housing development and in those communities.

Leah Goldberg of Project: Farmers for Families will be gleaning for the needy families at the Jewish Career and Family Services.  She is the daughter of Vendor Najla Aswad.  Leah’s Bat Mitzvah project this year is to help feed those in need through supplying the food pantry at JCFS with KY farm fresh items.

Glean Together works with a host of volunteers who takes market food to shelters such as Wayside Christian Mission and St. Vincent De Paul.  The organization’s goal is to prevent waste and provide fresh nutritious food to people who have limited access to fresh food at shelters. Glean Together gleans from other farmers markets as well.

Reprinted from the June 22, 2013 issue of News from the St. Matthews Farmers’ Market