Best of Louisville: Best Farmers Market

The results of the 26th annual Best of Louisville Awards published in the July 2011 issue of Louisville Magazine are in.  And the St. Matthews Farmers Market is NUMBER ONE!

Here’s what it says:

The St. Matthews Farmers Market at Beargrass Christian is a great respite from the drone of Saturday morning traffic on the fourth-class city’s main artery.  It’s one of the largest farmers markets in the state and has it all:  salad greens, tomatoes and bedding plants: seasonings, sauces and honey.  There are artisanal breads and cheeses and the stuff of art fairs:  hand-made beads, pottery, aprons.
Here are some dos an don’ts that will help you make the most of the experience:
Do some scouting before your start your shopping.  You might discover Swiss chard at one booth that’s trumped by the colorful “bright light” chard at the next.  You don’t want to blow your budget at the first couple booths before you discover irresistible cupcakes or jams farther down the row.
Do allow time for bumping into friends.  This is a big, free-flowing crowd that replenishes itself constantly.  Allow an extra 15 minutes for visiting – more, obviously, if you’re a Louisville native.
Don’t eat breakfast before coming or you won’t be tempted by the fresh scones, crepes, breakfast tacos, granola, fruit juice and coffee at the market.
Don’t forget to tip the musicians.  The live acoustic music is part of the charm of this Saturday-morning oasis.
The market’s hours are 8 am. – noon.
Reprinted from an article by Nina Walfoort in the July 2001 issues of Louisville Magazine